Tuesday, January 18, 2011



If there was ever a time to start buying American again, it's now.  First and foremost, because of the shape of our nation's economy it makes sense to support American Goods & Services.  The economy is starting to finally turn a corner, but to help solidify that everyone needs to reinvest in their country.  Little by little these investments start to add up, helping small business stay afloat and gradually prosper once again.

Another important reason to buy American is because of the current state of international products - Toyota's issues with sub-par breaking systems and faulty cruise control are just one of many well publicized foreign manufacturing problems.  Perhaps, it's time to give the American auto makers another chance at business.  This also applies to the promotional industry.  A lot of products are made in Asia, and while they may be fine products, there are also plenty of the same products made in the USA that are just as good, if not better quality. 

 Soooo, the next time you need a promo, take a look in the direction of those made in the USA.

1000 @ .19ea.      

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